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Added to Rudder bearings etc. > Rudders > Stiff 36CWS rudder by jtwebb on 14/06/2013 10:38:52 (go to this post)

MikeO wrote on 01/03/2009 22:50:20
"I am olso about to change the bottom bush on the rudder of my 36 CWS. Do you know what the correct material that is required? I have a drawing and plan to have it manufactured. I understand form a friend who has already changed his that the most difficult thing is the removal of the old bush - apart form removing the the actual rudder of course! Do you know if the same bushe dimensions were used in all the 36 CWS's? "

Long time to respond but might be of interest. Getting the rudder out is easy with helpful boatyard staff. It is only held in by 4 bolts on the clamp so remove all the trim around the rudder clamp, go to the hoist, get it lifted and undo the bolts and get them to raise the boat in the hoist. Rudder is left behind.