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Dehler 34 VdS Steering pedestal

From Remco Beernink in the Netherlands:

The nuts are under the floor and there are some backingplates as well.

Both are not glued in or laminated to the bottom.

You can reach them by removing the 2 GRP cover at the end of the cockpit.

Thoses covers are screwed to the cockpit floor and are mounted around the rudder axle. See enclosed picture.

Once you have removed those you can reach the nuts by laying yourself to the bottom and stretch your arm with I think is spanner 19.

Before removing the pedestal make sure that the stainless handlebar is loose.

Because there is some wiring to compasslight and maybe some other electronics on the pedestal.

All that wiring runs trough the stainless handlebar.

Most of the clearance comes from the steeringballs at the rod-ends.

Therefor it’s not neccessary  to remove the pedestal, you can reach the steeringballs the same way as the nuts / backingplates.

One of the rodends is mounted to the lever on the rudder axle, see enclosed picture.

The other on the lever of outgoing axle from the pedestal.

By turning the wheel the lever of the pedestal axle comes closer to the opening in the floor.

Now and then the clearance is in the pedestal it’s self.

The bearings at the steering-axle are comon, check also the key that holds the gear / sprocket on the vertical axle.

Those bearings are regular type and easy available

Spares such as rod-ends can be ordered by Solimar in Germany, friendly people. 

 Dehler 34 1 
 Dehler 34 2