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Equinoxe - based in Italy

 EquinoxeA photo of our Equinoxe after the refitting started exactly the day of the purchase the refitting is not yet completed after 1 year and half...hope it seems better now . It is a Dehler 34 , the n°10,1983. We worked a lot .....the next step is to change the propeller (from paperina bipala do you say in english? to a max propeller or a gori propeller, "tripala abbattibile").
We built the new anchor rode.

From Porto Maurizio Imperia – Dehler 34s 1983

Latitude:43°53’0" N


Last sunday 10/12 knots have offered us a nice sailing , the weather was exceptionally warm , it was probably the last "summer"day of 2006…..our Elvstrom new sails (classic master and genoa 2) were perfect and our destination was simply the sea, looking for dolphins….as you know Ligurian sea is a whale watching site, it is not so difficult to see "stenelle"(striped dolphins ?) 6-10 miles to the coast.

Yesterday saturday 4 november, it was a perfect day!in the afternoon Spinnaker and 8 knots of wind only, 4/5 knots of speed...sunset and full moon at the same time…. Equinoxe is nice. Our navigation was from Porto Maurizio to Andora and coming back (20 miles only) , 15 -18 knots "bolina "(in english?) speed 6 knots….it is an old boat but "she" likes the wind. The boat and the crew (specially Alice) are quite ready to go to ….Corse….maybe next spring.we will update you on our Dehler 34S 1983 ! Buon Vento!(Good wind) Roberto and Alice



Equnioxe in regatta  
Equnioxe in regatta 2 
 Equnioxe in regatta 3 
 Off Calvi 
 regatta off Corsica 
 sailing by night to Elba 
 sailing to Calvi Corse