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UK and Ireland

hello everyone


it doesn't sound much, but we took 'nausica' (dehler 36 CWS) from the hamble to the menai straits last august. eventful? - well in some

ways yes - otherwise idyllic.


the first part was idyllic but with events like dave messed up all of the electronics off lulworth cove - transpired that the main fuse is now hidden in the new raymarine autopilot computer box under the chart table. then water separator on new yanmar 3YM blew off near salcombe necessitating a tow in through a completely becalmed regatta fleet, then there was the incident of the genoa halyard breaking off plymouth and us losing it up the mast, but all in all fantastic weather. great visits - weymouth, dartmouth, salcombe, plymouth, fowey, mevagissey, falmouth, newlyn...


then the weather changed... (it was fastnet week no less). so lands endvia the inshore choppy passage, a long haul to padstow, then stuck for a week there (padstein?) before heading for milford haven one day too soon. yes, another event as the electric winch flexed its power a mast step block shattered ripping off the deck cover and causing us to (wisely as it transpired) head back to the comfort of padstow's utterly sheltered and cosseting dock.


we did leave eventually in the company of billy and barbara walker in their globetrotting bavaria 40, plus two other boats from anglesey, in a confused sea rolling in from the aftermath of the fastnet gales.


leaving the boat at milford dock for a week meant a tricky passage - 4 people in a very small hire car from caernarfon the next friday evening, then through jack sound and ramsey sound in thick fog (didn't see anything at all until the fast cat from fishguard to rosslare zoomed across

our bow at 30 knots) - the skipper phoned to say 'thanks for giving way' but

in reality, it wasn't a matter of choice...

anyway once the fog cleared at about aberystwyth, we had 2 families of dolphins for company and the ever approaching bardsey light for comfort. after such a quick passage across cardigan bay, sue and I turned in only to be woken 4 hours later by violent motion wind whistling etc. too bad, we'd hit the usual foul tide and wind conditions that those who know about such things always encounter in these parts. however, eventually, at dawn, we motored very slowly into one of the most beautiful landfalls know to man - caernarfon bar at daybreak and in a calm sea is awesome...

a rest day in the victoria doc then through the swellies to our swinging mooring at menai bridge - 'nausica' is now wintering in holyhead with (as geoff garrod told us) 'enough warps to tame the cuitty sark..!)

great trip with myron & julia bileckj from dehler 34 'ursula II + sophie king o'neill from weymouth to plymouth, then frommilford to anglesey dave calvert and lawrence (just did the fastnet) matthews and thanks to all of them for the privations suffered in the hands of yet another dehler owner but, let's face it, a fantastic tough and reasonably quick boat

dave king and sue o'neill

 seascape 1
 nuasica 36CWS - seascape 2
 off lands end
 nuasica 36CWS - off lands end
 myron & julia bileckj from dehler 34 ursula II
 nuasica 36CWS - myron & julia bileckj
 nuasica 36CWS - padstow
 nuasica 36CWS - mevagissey
 sea friends
 nuasica 36CWS - sea friends
 seascape 2
 nuasica 36CWS - Seascape 1

Ian Whitford cruising the Irish Sea in Mabae D37

 MabaeI have owned a Westerly Discus Ketch for the past 23 years, and as such I was a regular contributor of sailing logs and technical publications to the WOA magazine. Over the life of my old Westerly Discus I carried out all of my own maintenance and additions. However in 2004 I bought a Dehler 37C with my sailing friend Tony (we each have equal shares). We found the boat to be fast, have good pointing ability, capable of coping with rough conditions, safe and a real pleasure to sail after the heavy and stiff Westerly – I’m not decrying the old boat, she was great, and we went through some interesting times over the past 23 years, which I wouldn’t change.

Tony and I bought ‘Mabae’ in Hamble in May 2004 and sailed her round to our home port of Swansea. We experienced reoccurring problems with the fuel system, had to be towed into Weymouth and Dartmouth, so we didn’t get off to a good start with the boat. Darthaven Marina did a brilliant repair job and as a result had a faultless passage to Swansea.

We sail in the Bristol Channel so experience our fair share of bad conditions, our experience tells us that we needed to fit lifeline anchor points in the cockpit, the boat didn’t have any. We fitted two ‘U’ bolt points on each side of the companion way and two others by the helm. We also found that the transition between the cockpit and the helming position was rather exposed when changing helmsman, hence the lifeline points at the helm position. We also felt the GPS and the NAVTEX antennas were very vulnerable to accidental damage, being mounted on the pushpit rail, so I designed an antenna bridge. This comprised a stainless steel frame clamped to the pushpit and rising above the helmsman’s head. We could now mount the GPS and NAVTEX antennas out of the way, the bridge had the added advantage that moving from cockpit to helm gave us something to hold onto and also gave us a more secure and less exposed feeling. It worked very well, you can see the antenna bridge in the attached photo of ‘Mabae’.

Last year ‘Mabae’ was sailed from Swansea to Whitehaven for the bi-annual maritime festival, the boat performed faultlessly. The only criticism we all have is the small aft cabin, I am 6ft 4 and find it impossible to stretch out especially if my wife is with me. Even Tony finds it difficult and he is only 5ft 8, so while at Whitehaven we saw a Dehler 41DS and took a closer look, this is the one for us. This September we placed Mabae on the market for sale and started negotiations for ‘Mabae too’. The first week of February we took delivery of the new boat, so we are frantically working to get the boat ready for our annual trip to Padstow for the May Day celebrations.

We believe this is the last boat we will buy, each of us being 65 this year, so a bit of carpet slipper sailing is quite acceptable to both of us, including our spouses.

If you think any other Dehler owners will be interested in details of the antenna bridge, I have an AutoCAD drawing of the design from which Shaftfield Fabricators in Southampton made the original to. Another addition we made to the boat is a boom pull-down pulley block system. This is to pull the boom down against the boom vang’s spring, so that rain water will not gather in the main-drop sail cover. After a couple of drenching’s we added this little mod, you can just make it out on the port side of the cockpit in the photo.