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Sailing notes from Harm Mueller-Roehlck 

My sailing area ist the "wet triangle", formed by the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and the west-coast of Denmark. In that area the german rivers Elbe, Weser and Jade come together, south of the small island Helgoland. That ist my so called "Heimatrevier". But I am also sailing in the Baltic up to the last place way up north to Haparanda. But I have been also to Iceland and the scandinavian countries.

On larger boats I sail "world wide", that means, that sometimes on clubboats of the  "Segelkameradschaft das Wappen von Bremen"

I take or took part on races or long distance cruises. WRTW 89/90, Columbus Race '92 or Honkong Challenge '96 and a few  other ocean crossings.

I am a retired Captain of the merchant marine and also I was for more than twenty years headman of the Seamansschool in Bremen "Seemannsschule Schulschiff Deutschland", a fullrigged sailing ship.

I bought the Dehler 35 last autumn and I am glad to share experiences with that nice boat.

This spring  again I will take part at the Nordseewoche 2007  and race my boat OKKE across the North Sea to Edinburgh.

2005 I won the race "over all" with my former "OKKE" a danish built Drabant 33.

My boat OKKE is berthed in Bremen in a yacht harbour Hasenbueren, a few miles west of the city of Bremen. The Club is the Bremer Yacht Club .  (everything in german language, sorry)

Let me know, if I can be of some help to you.

Many greetings from Bremen

Harm Mueller-Roehlck

Captain on M.S. Schall, a small research vessel, in 2005