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Dehler 34 and 36CWS

From Dave King and Sue O'Neil

We had a 34 (1993 model) for 5 years sailing in the irish sea - howth, holyhead, liverpool, wicklow, arklow, carlingford etc..

We've also been portsmouth/st vaast in the boat with myron & julia bileckj who bought the boat from us - now we are buying a '91 36 CWS 'nausica' from hamble point and intend sailing up to holyhead next year

Only problems were

leaking holding tank - I took it out (very difficult)
dataline instruments changed for raymarine
I put in a raw water strainer
bow fairlead sheered off - replaced with stainless

A thing any prospective purchaser should note however is that the rudder must be dropped regularly and the nylon bearing cleaned - otherwise it can jam solid.. remember the rudder floats, so the stainless to alloy top ring can be initially loosened with bringing the boat ashore, and once out, the bearing can be cleaned with a sandpaper brush on the end of a long drill extension.. then a very light grease should be applied.  (The late) Alan Bourdon at Poole is an expert
on all things Van der Stadt  dehler, and advised me on this

I'd be grateful for any handed on knowledge on the 36 - one thing he did tell mw was that the underdeck turning blocks on early models were plastic and could not cope with the loads - you round the world owner should certainly deal with this - also the 36 has the same rudder bearing problem I'm told