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Dehler yachts wanted


email us and we will post your requirements here


Dehler 34 Judel & Vrlijk urgently wanted

Dehler 34 J&V urgently wanted email

Dehler 29 urgently wanted 

Dehler 29 urgentley wanted - must be in mint condition cash waiting email

Dehler 22 wanted

Looking at buying a reeaonably priced Dehler 22,

Dehler 29 wanted

Dehler 29 wanted. Ray Warleigh 07758 626161 (UK)

Dehler 41CR Wanted

year 2000+  (approx.)
Must be in a v. good condition without hull/keel grounding damage etc.
Please contact via email:

Dehler 35 or 36CWS wanted

Must be UK based email


Dehler 31 or 34 wanted

Dehler 41DS wanted
I am looking for a Dehler 41 DS. well maintain and  white hull. Stig Lassen
year from 1996-

Dehler around 20ft wanted
I am interested in the purchase of a Dehler of about 30 feet, good use and based in Spain. email Faustino

Dehler 25 wanted
Hi - I am looking for a secondhand Dehler 25 ... (or Delya 25)
Please email me with details
Thanks, Peter Wareham

Dehler 29 wanted
Looking for a Dehler 29 in good condition
office:    +46 31 58 7118+46 31 58 7118 / +46 8 743 4750+46 8 743 4750
mobile:  +46 709 57 7118+46 709 57 7118

Share in Dehler 36CWS or 37 wanted - Devon
Steve Johnson is looking to contribute to a share in a Dehler 36CWS or Dehler 37 preferably in the Devon area do any of you members have any ideas for this? Email

Dehler 37CR wanted
Jochen Waldschmidt is looking for a Dehler 37CR 1996 or younger please email with details to

Dehler 39 wanted
Please email with details of any Dehler 39 for sale

Dehler 34 wanted
Guy Neyt would like details of any Dehler 34 for sale

Dehler 34 query
I am thinking of buying a Dehler 34, 1990-1995 vintage and would like to know if this model was made with a self tacking jib. Email

Dehler 38 to 42 wanted
I’m looking for a Dehler between 38 to 42 any years and budget. Do you have anything to offer to me.   I’ll prefer base in med. Sylvain Blazy

Dehler 36 wanted
Late model Dehler 36 wanted - UK buyer!